Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Poetry Month - 2016

and as usual for the past year and writing challenges, I'm behind...

Here are my poems written and shared thus far...

6 Apr 16

Light - light bright - where light?

Bright light - your light - where light?Light your light - your bright light - for you are my light, love

6 Apr 16

So many of the
Voices from my youth now lost
2016 - ouch!

2 Apr 16

Bees are a'buzzing

And flowers are a'blooming
Pollen - oh, achoo!

1 Apr 16

Fools and their money are soon parted

So the saying goes
I day fools and their callings are soon parted
For the part that goes
You must live life according to these rules
And live in these boxes
But wait - there's more to these rules
Yeah, just try to outfox us
It can be done of course
By those who live by our own rules
Live only by the dark horse
And refuse to be ruled be those fools
And we part their money from them in the end...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Catching up with older poetry...

 Okay, here is some other poetry I wrote along the way…

29 Apr 14

Inspired by a vagabond seen on the drive home today...
Vagabond shoes
Pack on his back
Swinging his guitar
Playing the blues?
I think not
Up with the moon
Out with the sun
Back with the twilight
We play the blues
Not he who wears the vagabond shoes
The freedom of the open road
The prison of the cubicle
Hard knocks life
Paperwork strife
We sing the blues
Not he who wears the vagabond shoes

27 Apr 14

Control the beast
Tame the beast
Become the beast
Realize you are the beast
Accept the beast
Channel the beast
That is choice

15 Apr 14

Hero or monster
Depends on perception
Who benefits, who doesn't
Some say the heroes have gone the way of the dinosaurs
I say they have not
I say they are on their vision quests right here right now, gathering the light with which to illuminate the world again
I say each of us is a hero in our own way
We have traveled the road of travails and fears, moved through the trials and fears, came out on the other side unscathed yet changed with a gift for the world to share
If the world chooses not to see, the gold becomes dross, the wheat becomes chaff, the fire becomes ash
If one person, one person, chooses to see, what a marvelous transformation can be
Are we willing to take the journey, return unscathed yet changed, and turn the dross into gold for simply one person, even if that person is ourselves?

13 Apr 14

There is a stately large oak tree in the park we walk through often that we have yet to see any birds in.The other trees are full of life when the birds come through. That and reading "The Power of Myth" rendered this poem today:
The Dying Tree
Why do the birds not flock to this tree?
For it has lost its Deity
Its roots are in the ground yet not connected to the Earth
Its branches are in the sky yet not connected with the Sun nor the Moon
Its bark is the air yet not connected with the Wind or the Rain
The tree is in Nature yet not connected with Nature
For it has lost its Deity
The tree eats
The tree drinks
The tree sleeps
But it is not long for Here
Once its leaves no longer sway and sing with the breeze, it will truly be gone
For it has lost its Deity

13 Apr 14

My take on a statement poem...
Statement: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
If dreams had wings, I'd be riding dragons
Dreams do have wings, so why aren't you riding dragons?
Fear of heights
Fear of fire
Fear of falling
Fear of failing
So, tell me again why you're not riding dragons, really?

13 Apr 14

Let us
Dance to the music of the spheres
Find the yin to our yang
Rejoice in our own mortality
Sort perception from Reality
Hear the Truth with our own ears
Live in the Here and Now
This is the joy of Being

13 Apr 14

I wrote this when I was only six poems behind (rather than the 11 I'm now at...):
Six poems behind
Barely have time for a rhyme
Working full time
May seem sublime
But at times leaves creativity dead

1 Apr 14

Starting off with a senyru with Italian flair - just having a bit of fun!

April 1st, Fools Day
Ah, giorno di capriccio!
Divertente, si?

It's Been A While…National Poetry Month 2015

Apparently I didn't post on this blog at all last year…and I don't remember how well I did in writing poetry in April 2014 anyway - can find out on the National Poetry Month page on Facebook easy enough (I think).

I have written poetry every day this month though - thus far…

Here are my offerings for those first 12 days of April 2015:

1 Apr 15

Wanting rain not sun
Loving sun, needing water
How dry we are now

2 Apr 15

Wanting rain, not wind
Wind drying, water better
Drier we are now

3 Apr 15

Mother moon, new moon
Black moon, super moon, bleak days
Full moon, red moon, why?
Omens portend scary nights
What man breaks, nature makes right

4 Apr 15

Being female, I have
an internal inferno
that comes on at night
sleep disturbances are rife
Change of Life not so much fun

5 Apr 15

Rain? Naught but rumors of rain

Yet not a drop against my windowpane

Weathercaster's April Fool's joke

But wait, what's that sound?

The patter of drops on my windowpane!

Rumors of rain made real

6 Apr 15

Through the tear-stained pane
Flowers, yellow and purple
Comfort my sorrow
Knowing you're gone forever
Your garden is memory

7Apr 15

Thunder and lightning 

Not so very frightening 

Hail and funnel clouds

Furious rain against panes

Thank you, blest Mother Nature!

8 Apr 15

Snow on mountain peaks
Gold at the end of rainbow
Water's sweet relief

9 Apr 15

Writer's block have I
Poem, poem, where are you?
Made eight days - now nine!

 10 Apr 15

Friday eve, full week
Fingers not yet bony
Rather, brain tired

Two for 12 Apr 15 (oops…)

Healthy, wealthy, wise
how have definitions changed
from Ben Franklin's time?

and here's poem #12 for the month…
values, principles
all boil down to our own
personal ethics

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Yes, it has been a while since I wrote and posted a poem. This came from the prompts from a Yahoo writer's group I belong to (CHPercolators). Enjoy!

In the province of apathy the scarabs drive, heading to the scales of fate

Driving to see if the feather of truth balances each their weight

If the scales balance, the scarab becomes the feather - free to stay or fly as she chooses

If the scales tip, the scarab once again becomes the beetle coming forth from the dung to climb the seven rungs, at each level asking his heart not to stand witness against him

But first they must cross the sands of apathy, where they may yet drown and never again be found

For such are the vagaries of Fate

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Haiku for Mars

So, NPR posted about MAVEN sending haiku to Mars - and of course, I took up the challenge. The first stanza is all that was submitted (only one entry per person for this one)...

Haiku/Senyru to the Red Planet

Red planet, sister
what lessons can you teach us
before it's too late?

Red planet, brother
what wars decimated you
long 'ere I was born?

Red planet, mother
did your people flee here
for a better life?

Red planet, father
protector or destroyer
sent us sons of strife

Red planet, beacon
lesson for us all on Earth
to reconnect with her

Red planet, ghost of
things yet to come, future can
be changed; can we choose?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 16 - Focus

Brings into being
That which is focused upon

Draws out the light
Draws in the darkness

Draw out the light
Draw out the laughter
Draw out the twinkle
That lives on ever after

Draw in the darkness
Draw in the night
Draw in the sorrow
Lose sight of the light

Focus on the light
Drown out the darkness
Draw out the twinkle
That lives on ever after

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 15 - #3 - Industrial Heritage

Inspired by a TEDTalk on Industrial Heritage by Timothy Scarlett:

Writing the biography of
a building
a machine
a kiln
a workplace
a residence

Dissecting and examining the remains
of all of the above

Tying the threads of
human history
the concrete jungle
the wild heritage roses
the industrial revolution
the aesthetics of industrial decline

What are we leaving for 
the archeologists
the paleontologists
the curiosity seekers
of the future
to find
to dissect
to analyze
and to theorize